Our business model

Harnessing technology to create better ways to connect people and organisations


Our key relationships

Our customers

Our strategic partners

The communities we serve in Hull and East Yorkshire

Our key inputs

The skills, expertise and experience of our people

Services and technologies from our partners

Our technology platforms

Fibre investment in Hull and East Yorkshire

How we generate revenue


Providing communications technology consultancy, solution delivery and service management

Served by Smart421 and Kcom

Small and medium-sized businesses

Providing and managing connectivity, network services and cloud services

Served by KC and Eclipse


Providing broadband, talk, TV and other packaged communications services in Hull and East Yorkshire

Served by KC

How we create value

For shareholders

Strong funding and cash generation

Long-term investment opportunity with increasing returns

For customers

We help enterprises use collaboration and communication tools to enhance their business performance

We help small and medium-sized businesses to operate more effectively, provide better customer service and achieve growth

We help consumers live more connected lives

For employees

Personal growth and development opportunities

Flexible benefits and wellbeing initiatives

For local communities in Hull and East Yorkshire

High-quality employment opportunities

Contribution to local economy

Support of local business and community initiatives

Our key strengths

Managing complexity

We manage complexity for customers. We take the time to understand their desired outcomes, better exploiting existing systems alongside integrating new systems.

Deploying our expertise

Our people are experts not just in communications and IT but also in the increasingly important fields of business innovation, technology change and digital transformation.

Our approach to technology

We believe technology is key to creating value. Our skills in integration and design mean we can bring together multiple services to deliver tangible business outcomes.

We report our activities under two reporting segments

KC segment

Consumers and businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire



Kcom segment

Businesses and public sector organisations across the UK